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Chadwick Construction and Labor Managment
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I  (We) Have for many years Maintained and improved commercial and
residential properties in the southern California area mostly for professional
property owners.
We can provide a complete program to keep you free of
the need to sign a new contract when ever you need to have a ?? Repaired
- changed - a bathroom added accessibility issues addressed deal with a
City or Government agency .
We deal with Emergencies ie -Earth Quake , Water , Vandalism , Fire ,
Board Ups , Door Problems , Fire Issues ,
Zoning , permitting , Tenant Issues - (their problems including Health Safety
We Will Watch Them To Make sure that Destruction of Your Property Do to
Illegal and Unsafe Remodeling of YOUR Property does not Occur Without
YOUR Permission And Advise You of The Possible Problems  That may
Occur ).
We Work with Engineers Architects Planing Officials
The Public
We Have In House and Subs To Handle almost any situation with Only a
Quick Phone call From You PDQ 24/7
We specialise In Retrofit and Restoration ++++++++++